Pre and Post Employment Investigation Services in Delhi

Pre Employment Investigation Services In Delhi,India

A pre-employment investigation is done at the corporate level to know about the in-depth information on the background of the Senior Post new recruit. In the contemporary world, this investigation has become a part of the recruitment process. When you hire Circlebiz Detective Agency in Delhi India, you get the precise details about the identified information, past history, and qualification check of the employee and the complete background check Many of the persons who are seeking jobs present fake information about themselves in certain interviews. At the same time candidate does not clearly tell about the reason for leaving a previous organization. Throughout the process, it gets very difficult for the Human Resource department to know a complete truth. And later on, when that employee leaves, the HR team needs to again start the recruitment process.

Another aspect of pre-employment investigation leads to checking criminal records if any, of the aspiring candidates. Every organization wants those employees who can blend with the environment and cooperate with other employees to work as a team. No one desires any person who has the slightest link with any crime. In this profound quest, Circlebiz Best Detective agency in Delhi India finds for you the real truth without revealing the identity of the corporate firm. Our skilled team assesses proper details and reaches an unbiased conclusion for the organization to take the decision. Each and every fact would be presented in the form of a written report so that no hidden information is left.

While taking interviews organizations to need candidates who are well educated and qualified for the job nevertheless they cannot judge everything in a single meeting. That is the reason our experts intervene and get you the required true information. Our team investigates the candidates as per their resumes. If the minutest thing seems unprofessional like switching several companies in a short duration, then we conduct our search with more suspicion and reveal the truth. Recruitment of candidates for any corporate is a critical process, with Circlebiz support, organizations can feel assured of honest results.

We also provide Post Employment Investigation Services for Executive and Senior Manager Level of designations in Pan India.

Pre employment investigation Services

V Kumar-HR

We often need of pre-employment-investigation before hiring We do background check of the employee. We are dealing with Circlebiz Detective Agency since 03 years. I must say 100% recommended

Pre employment investigation Services

Ruhani Singhvi -HR

I required detectives services in India, for Pre Employement Screening, I searched a lot through the internet and found this investigation agency by reviews, Its 05 years now, I must say 100% recommended

Pre employment investigation Services

S K Sahni

Detectives agency in Delhi works very professionally in Pan India. Circlebiz Detectives are experts in private investigation services. Our Boss has full faith on Detective RK (Owner), I must say 100% recommended

Pre employment investigation Services

Vipul Jain

Private Detectives in Delhi, I know this firm for the past 3 years through my previous Company, Their work is perfect in Pre & Post Employement Verification. I must say 100% recommended