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If you are getting ready for marriage through an online matrimony website, It is advisable that you should know everything about the family, bride/bridegroom, character, financial status, and behavior before you make any decision. Our team of Pre-marriage investigation experts will get you all the information relates to the family just in 14 days including their social reputation, greediness, any love affair, financial credit history, bad debts, and much more you can't even imagine. Our Premarital Investigations are available in Pan India at affordable prices.

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Post Matrimonial investigation is a very sensitive area of service In the field of Matrimonial Detective Services. Usually, it is said that marriages are made in heaven so why it is broken on earth? It happens due to mismatched behavior between the couples. Daily flights and arguments can create lots of differences between couples & also invite mental stress for their children & parents too. We have observed that some people lead to extramarital affairs to make life smoother but the situation can be worse which you can't feel now.

Divorce case Investigation in Delhi


Today's reality overview says that Divorce cases are increasing day by day. According to reports, divorcees have doubled over the past two decades with most cases of divorces happening in the urban areas of India. There are multiple reasons to have divorce whether it is the interference of family members, the growing independence of women, more awareness of human rights, or the difference in education between the couple, there are many factors that are contributing to this rise. It is not just the female that records separations from her spouse even men are also leading the same. Indeed, A reasons may be property, cash, support, or other relationship. If you are in the same situation and facing false allegations then contact us to resolve the same.

Loyalty Case Investigation in Delhi


Circlebiz Detective Agency in Delhi offers a Loyalty test Investigation to people who need to know or are in a doubt about their spouse's character. In this world, every girl wants more than her partner who is loyal to her and never cheats on her, millions of people are hiring Private Detectives in Delhi India before marriage to know about the Character, In which it is known that if the boy is womanizer can his sexual desire be any other?* These are the things that happen even after marriage. So when you feel that something suspicious is going on around you then there is a way to find things with proof. We as a Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi can help you to get all the information related to such kinds of possibilities; we have Male & Female Investigators to have such kind of investigations.

Sting Operation Detective agency in Delhi


Getting information by conducting a Sting Operation to collect concrete and solid evidence to win the situation on your own. Sting Operation is one best method of catching a person in the act when he/she is attempting any shy of criminal and illicit movement. Being the most reliable Private Detective Agency in Delhi, we assist you with providing the most Result oriented sting operation anywhere in India. A Sting operation cannot be conducted by any individual or a layman because a sting needs a group of experts to catch the guilty party in a discreet manner.

Under Cover Agent Detective agency in Delhi


We at Circlebiz Detective Agency in Delhi India help you to get the data & complete information about what is happening inside your factory, any theft issues,s or a Data leakage in a Company. With our Undercover Operation, you can focus on the issues. Our male & female undercover agents have the expertise to conduct all kinds of Under Cover Operations in Pan India & abroad. The gathering of individuals who has been chosen while directing a few checks had been given extreme preparation for this task. These services are accessible to our corporate and individual customers.

Due Diligence Detective Agency in Delhi


A Business exhaustively examines another to determine whether it is a sound investment prior to initiating a merger? In layman's terms, due diligence involves the examination of costs, benefits, and risks for any venture you're about to take on. Well, it helps to think about all the things involved in a business. We at Circlebiz Detective Agency in Delhi provide you with a complete Due Diligence report for the same.

Physical Surveilance Detective agency in Delhi


Whether it is your spouse cheating or your business partner hiding something from you in terms of business activities, like having another venture with someone or passing some important business information to your competitor for personal benefits, if is this happening around you then you should hire a Private Detective Agency in Delhi who can provide you a comprehensive report with evidence about the person for his/her daily routine activity like where they go and whom they met so that you will not be in a dark and can take an appropriate decision.

Circlebiz Detective Agency is represented undercover operations with a group of experts male and female private investigators or private detectives in India and abroad. These services are available to our corporate and individual customers.

Personal Investigation Services in Delhi
Personal Investigation Services in Delhi

Mala Singh

Matrimonial Detectives Services provided by Circlebiz was very effective for me in taking the marriage decision.

Personal Investigation Services in Delhi

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I required detectives services in India, I searched a lot through the internet and found this investigation agency from the internet reference. must say recommended

Personal Investigation Services in Delhi

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Detectives agency Delhi works very professionally all over India. Circlebiz Detectives are experts in private investigation services. must say recommended

Personal Investigation Services in Delhi


Private Detectives Delhi is a Circlebiz actually, I know this firm for the past 10 years. They helped me with my divorce case i.e. Post Marital Investigation service. must say recommended