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Take the support of Circlebiz detective agency in Bangalore for getting complete information on Corporate Investigation Services in Bangalore, pre-matrimonial alliances, and Post Matrimonial Investigation in Bangalore & the entire Country. When you decide to marry your son or daughter, you only want that your children must be happy for the rest of their lives. But in today’s world trust is a hard relation to find, this is why we suggest a strong background check before the wedding. We have a sharp team who complete the task for you in an experienced way. These investigators make sure you get every necessary information about the family & Person in front. We also have a wing that solves post-matrimonial cases as well. Many persons feel cheated on by their spouses but due to lack of evidence, they always live in the shadows of doubts. Our team can people who have the same case scenarios and present full evidence to bring light to the case. Any of your queries are welcome at our office; ask us about the process in detail.

Pre & Post Marriage Investigation Experts

Today Pre-marriage investigation in Bangalore has become an urgent need of modern society. Marriage is itself known as one of the biggest gambles of life. And life becomes a little more complicated when you do not know about the other person in front when two persons have to live life together in harmony. However, in many cases, people do not share the complete true information and it turns deceptive in the end. A matrimonial detective agency in Bangalore offers a comprehensive investigation report of the person & Family background that includes financial, social, character, Any Affair, Bank Loans, employment, and reputation history. It gives you a detailed picture of the prospective bride or groom so that you can make the final decision with full confidence.

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Due Diligence for Corporate & Personal Surveillance

Circlebiz India's Best private detectives in Bangalore are popular for their skillful work in due diligence investigations in Bangalore India. It is always crucial to start a new business or venture into partnerships. In due diligence, We deliver all the relevant financial factors and performance history of the company you are dealing with. Our Private Investigators are experts in business protocols and procedures. They strive to get you every piece of information that can save you from personal and professional losses.

The need for personal surveillance is increasing rapidly as the number of fraudulent activities & Spouse Cheating is on the rise. To gather authentic information with proof about the person in question, one has to be sharp enough to follow the lead and chase the person every moment. It is unlike investigating through gadgets and equipment. Circlebiz Detective Agency in Bangalore has a team of Private investigators who work diligently by hiding their identities. They get every information from the subject that can impact any corporate or single entity in the long run. Our highly trained investigators make a list of the suspect’s meetings and every place they go without being noticed. This unfolds the truth in the end and supports the case of our clients.

Circlebiz Detective Agency in Bangalore Karnataka India also undertakes all kinds of Personal & Corporate Investigation, and Matrimonial Detective Services in Bangalore India which relates to Pre-Matrimonial Inquiry, Pre Marriage background Verification, Pre Marital Inquiry, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Secret Love Affair Investigation, and Spouse Adultery Investigation with Proof, Surveillance Investigation, Child Custody, spouse infidelity if any*.and Divorce Investigation with proof, Photographic evidence, Extra Marital Affairs Investigation, Loyalty Test Investigation, and Litigation Support. Circlebiz Detective Agency accepts cases from PAN India & Abroad after understanding each n every aspect, including the clients' privacy. We have an associate for Detective Agency in Kathmandu Nepal, Detective Agency in Mauritius, Detective Agency in Dubai UAE, Detective Agency in Hongkong, Detective Agency in Bangkok, Detective Agency in Singapore, Detective Agency in Thailand, Detective Agency in Malaysia, Detective Agency in Macao, these Private Detectives note down every single detail from the client and start their procedure immediately. Once they are on the field they go deeper in search of proof.


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Delivering Excellent results to all cases with full attention & support. 100% Dedicated Staff, 24 X 7 Available.



99% Success rate in Matrimonial Detective Services, evidence collection of Spouse cheating.


Get Comprehensive Private Investigation report under the expert supervision.



Meet the Best Private Investigators at Circlebiz Detective Agency in Bangalore, India, experts in handling Matrimonial, Personal & Corporate Investigations in Pan India & abroad


Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

100% Discreet Pre-Marriage Investigation in Pan India at affordable fees.

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Post Matrimonial Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage in Conflicts? Post Matrimonial Detective Agency in Bangalore, India Can Help You

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Divorce Case

Divorce Case Assistance

We are a Specialized Detective Agency In Banglore India for your Divorce Case to win

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Extra-Marital Affairs

Extra-Marital Affairs

Spouse Cheating on you? Get Help from Experts, Extra-Marital Affair Investigation in Banglore India

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Loyalty Test Investigation

Loyalty Test Investigation

Loyalty Test Investigation may get you peace of mind, Pan India Service is available at an affordable price.

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Physical Surveilance Detective agency in bangalore

Physical Surveillance

Seeing Someone's Face, Nothing Can Be Predict, through Surveillance we may get to know more about.

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Child Custody Case Investigation in bangalore

Child Custody

You may require some proof to have Child Custody, Ger free consultation on the matter with peace of mind.

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Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Our Experts can help you In the matter of Litigation, Professional Assists, Contact us for more.

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The complete Bunch of Detective Services offered by Circlebiz includes:

As a well-recognized detective agency in Bangalore, We have successfully done 15000+ investigations including Pre Marriage & Post Matrimonial detective cases. Moreover, our team also provides tailored and customized Private Investigation models for organizations and personal cases, exclusive undercover operations, and support in resolving cheating/financial fraud cases. We are 100% committed to the confidentiality of our valued patrons and hence.

Circlebiz Detective Agency in Bangalore offer you assistance in all kind of investigation needs, We have an expertise in pre/post employment verification, Cheating/Financial Fraud issues, Trademark/Copyright/Patent Infringement, Undercover Operations, Money Laundering verifications, Intellectual Property issues, Assets Accounts verifications, Debugging services, Loans, and Finance issues, etc.

Circlebiz Detective Agency in Bangalore undertakes Private Investigation assignments such as Fingerprint verification, Physical Surveillance, Video graphic evidence collection, Handwriting verification, etc.

With our skilled & Expert team of Private Detectives, we also offer services like Insurance Claims, Litigation Support, Legal Advice, Collection of Evidence/Proof, Asset/Property Verification etc.

Circlebiz Detective Agency in Bangalore  India also provides a complete range of solutions for Pre/Post matrimonial Detective Services, Alimony/Divorce cases, Extramarital/Love issues, Tracing of Missing/skip People, Student Surveillance activities, and  Finding out hidden motives.

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